Most Frequently Asked Questions

Many ‘Sell my Watch’ websites ask me to send my Watch or Jewellery. Do you offer this service?

Answer; Yes. Both meeting in person and sending using Royal Mail Special Delivery (Insured) within the UK and Fedex on an international basis. See my testimonials on Google to understand all the positive experiences sellers have had.

You state Instant Cash Paid. What do I need to bring along with me when selling?

I need you to be completely honest with your description of condition for the most accurate price. Upon meeting you will need to produce Official ID and proof of address for a successful sale. This is to ensure all items I purchase have clear provenance.

Why should I trust the Gentleman Watch Collector rather than my local jeweler or a watch buyer I have found on Google?

I am not asking you to trust me but rather all of the happy sellers I have met over the years. My aim is always for a fair and good deal so both parties are pleased.

Do you purchase replicas and what checks do you do on the pieces you buy?

I NEVER ever purchase anything other thank 100% Original pieces that belong to the seller. Any fakes/replicas/ill-gotten pieces will be reported to the manufacturer and The Police. Every serial number is checked against various Manufacturer and Insurance databases prior to sale. Please never send any valuation requests for such pieces.

Can I give you my Vertu or a Swiss Watch on a Sale or Return basis or as a Broker?

I do not actively sell and so cannot offer this. I would strongly advise against using Sale or Return or Brokers to sell – often dealers and brokers will tell you can sell your piece for a very high price through them in order to have additional stock in their shops/online sites at zero cost to themselves. One must ask why a broker would not buy the item for approximately the price they advise you to sell at if it were realistic?

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