Spotting A Fake Rolex

Fakes and Replica’s DO hurt people. Many people tell me of how they have bought watches in good faith that turn out not to be genuine. I NEVER want to […]

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Many ‘Sell my Watch’ websites ask me to send my Watch or Jewellery. Do you offer this service? Answer; Yes. Both meeting in person and sending using Royal Mail Special […]

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Dating Your Rolex

Find the Model Number on Your Rolex Watch Illustration SERIAL NUMBER PRODUCTION YEAR 28000 1926 21691 1927 24747 1928 28290 1930 29312 1932 29933 1933 30823 1934 35365 1935 99775 […]

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Dating Your Panerai

1) OP XXXX – Case No. (as shown in picture number 1) OP attached with a four-digit number represents the Case No. of this watch. Panerai models resemble each other […]

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